2018 Family Budget Plan: Let's Get Ready!

Regardless of your race, religion or zip code, understanding and practicing basic concepts of sound financial practices can be challenging. For some it is life threatening. Defeat death and the fear of finances with financial literacy baby steps to create generational wealth and knowledge.

Parenting 101: Let's Define Parenting

The success of each family is measured by the parent’s commitment to excellence and victory. With all of our commitments in life, we must be prepared for our role as parents.

What is the most challenging commitment for you? Why?

  • Open communication
  • Creating a loving environment
  • Utilizing positive discipline strategies
  • Building financial security

Financial Literacy for the Family: Are You Preparing Your Children?


Family Fun

Take advantage of family time. Every interaction you have with your child will impact their lives forever. Invest in things that bring joy and satisfaction to you & your family. As parents we create happy memories. Enjoy your parenting journey and make every moment count!


How do you enjoy spending time with your family?


Financial Literacy is Essential

Personal financial management is one of the key elements of preparing for your future. Practicing financial habits will help your children to experience greater opportunities to build financial security! What financial behaviors are you modeling for your children?

A Veteran’s Ultimate Sacrifice: GMP’s 6 Pillars Appreciates Military Families!

A Veteran’s Ultimate Sacrifice: GMP’s 6 Pillars Appreciates Military Families!

Let's honor all parents that proudly fight for our country. Let's appreciate their family's endless sacrifices.  Happy Veterans Day!

©       Communication: Say thank you to the parents and their children

©       Education: Take time to understand their family’s individual sacrifices

©       Discipline: Respect their commitment to our country

©       Love: Donate time, food and clothes to a local veteran’s organization

©       Fun: Get involved in their amazing charity family activities and events

©       Financially Literacy: Make a donation today

How can you get involved? How have you supported your local military families? Why is important for us to recognize this sacrifice?

What is PARENTING? Could parents benefit from parenting education?

What is PARENTING? Could parents benefit from parenting education?

It’s okay for us to learn about parenting. We seek advice for jobs, love and money.  Moms and dads would ask how to operate a car before they ask how to find a better way to enjoy homework time.

What’s wrong with seeking parenting advice? How important is it for us to identify the best ways to increase our children’s opportunities for success and happiness. We should not be ashamed of questions. Parenting is a journey that we learn from daily.

Parenting education builds character, confidence and changes communities.  Parenting is the key to better futures!

GMP's Parenting Definition:

It is having the responsibility of modeling and leading a life forever. It is utilizing the appropriate strategies and interactions to enhance the lives of one from infancy to adulthood. It is soaring through ups and downs showing tenacity and courage that will positively affect their lives forever. It is providing basic skills such as communication, showing love, respect and discipline. You are the ultimate role model for social, behavioral, emotional, financial and academic success.


What's the best way to communicate with your child?

What's the best way to communicate with your child?

Your children are watching & listening! Your words influence their words. Your actions influence their actions. Parents you are your child’s first role models!

How do you communicate to your child(ren) when you are angry ? How does it affect them?

How do you communicate with your child (ren) when they have misbehaved?  How do you think it affects them?

How do you communicate with your child(ren )when they received unsatisfactory grades? How do you think it affects them?


Things to consider when communicating with your children:

—  Take a moment before you respond

—  Take a deep breath

—  Count to ten

—  Be considerate about the facts

—  Walk away and phone a friend

—  Have the child go to another room

—  Be willing to say you are wrong



Do you know your child's love language?

Do you know your child's love language?

Love is one of the most powerful words in the dictionary. No one can truly grasp or explain love to its truest and deepest meaning. The benefits of showing and sharing love in a family could positively impact the foundation of generations.

Do you believe?

          Some parents find it difficult to say I love you to their children

          Some parents never felt loved by their parents

          Some parents still long for their parents love

          Some parents just believe their children feel loved

          Some parents don’t teach their children how to love

Don’t take the power of love for granted. One way to begin and reinforce the love in a home is to understand your child’s love language. What do you think is your child’s love language? What does your child think is their love language?  What are some things you can try to increase love in your home?




The impact of the teacher and parent relationship significantly impacts a student’s success. When a child feels they are being held accountable, loved, motivated and appreciated in the classroom and at home, EVERYONE WINS!

True/False:  The teacher always knows what’s best for my child.

False: Teachers and parents must collaborate to identify the best way for your child to establish a love for learning.

True/False:  School activities are for stay at home moms.

False: School activities are team building activities for the school community. It is the best opportunity to learn more about the school environment, meet other parents and the education staff. It’s important for parents to know whose influencing their child for over 5 hours a day.

True/False:  The presence of parents in the school can enhance the culture of the school.

True: Parents make the difference!! Your level of commitment motivates not only the administrators and teachers to be more involved, your children also see your commitment and they feel more involved.


We’ve shared some true and false facts about the Teacher/Parent bond. Share with our parents, some of your experiences with or beliefs of the impact of the Teacher/Parent bond?

“Together let’s bring schools, communities and homes closer.”


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