Children Of Incarcerated Mothers

A Post About Children Of Incarcerated Mothers 

By Tyler Owens

Having Fun As A Family Campaign

Here at Good Morning Parents, we want to ensure that Family Fun is as essential to you as it is to us. This blog is based on Family fun, the importance of having fun as a family, and the benefits from an emotional & physical standpoint. There's also an anecdotal post from two of our members, Deyali & Samantha.

Parenting Education

Moms & Dads,

One thing that will never change is your parenting title. Regardless of your child’s age you will always be their parent. The kind of relationship, love and mentorship you share is up to you. As parents you never stop leading and loving unless you choose to. I will always be my mom and dads’ baby, even at 45 years old and I love it. Wouldn’t you love to have a life long relationship with your child?

Could parents benefit from parenting education? We have accountants, counselors, business mentors and seek support for other areas of our life. There are requirements to obtain a license, graduate school and to get a job; but when it comes to parenting there are no requirements. It’s okay for us to learn about parenting. We seek advice for jobs, love and money.  Moms and dads would ask how to operate a car before they ask how to find a better way to enjoy homework time.

With a title and a responsibility, you will have forever, why would solely rely on family traditions and trial and error when raising your children? Creating a parenting support network, participating in a parenting class and actively taking on your role as a parent will increase opportunities to create happier, healthier, & financially thriving families.

Investing in your role as a parent will:

  • Empower parents to be more confident when making decisions
  • Provide support and feedback from professionals and peers
  • Increase your child’s opportunities to have positive educational, emotional, psychological and social experiences
  • Create more structured, supportive and loving home environments
  • Encourages continuous learning and involvement from all family members
  • Parenting education builds character, confidence and changes communities. 

There is not one strategy or method that’s best for your family. Each child and family have its own unique traditions, values, routines, and individual needs. Parenting is a journey that we learn from daily. Enjoy your parenting journey!

The E’s of Parenting

The E’s of Parenting: Expectations, Examples, Excitement & Elevation!

The word parenting is difficult to define and it means different things to different people. The way you parent is impacted by your family traditions, social experiences, educational level, financial standing, confidence, and many other factors. Being aware of who you are as an individual will help to take the best parts of you to share with your children.
For me, parenting is a learning journey every day. Regardless of my educational level, research experience in the field of parenting, as well as my commitment to my professional role as a Parenting Coordinator I still need to focus on my individual growth as a parent. It’s similar to a psychologist scheduling their own appointments with their psychologist.
No one knows everything. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. We are all doing our best as parents. Create a supportive parenting circle, that helps you to work out your questions or concerns. Just yesterday, I phoned a friend about the best way to handle the pressure of Valentine’s Day in Middle School for girls. OMG, let’s remember if its important to the children, take time to make it a priority. This will set the foundation of the parent-child relationship for the future.


As we enjoy and embrace the challenges of this parenting journey, we can start with the E’s of Parenting: Expectations, Examples, Excitement & Elevation.

·  When you have high expectations, your children have high expectations. Encourage them to stretch beyond their current reality.
·  Share your expectations with your children as a student, friend, and sibling as well in other roles in their life. When children are given clear expectations with support their chances for success and commitment to achieving increases.
·  As parents we are the first example of hard work, love, forgiveness, compassion and everything else. Be mindful the kids are always watching.
·  Excuses comfort incapacity! (#TDJakes). Identify educational opportunities for your children to elevate their grades and social experiences. Join parenting groups, participate in library events, learn and read together.
·  Spending time with your family is priceless. The best things in life are free: hugs, love & laughs Kiss Let's get excited about parenting!
Parenting is active and forever evolving. Share with us how you plan to incorporate the Parenting E’s in your home? 

Love Love Love!

Showing & Sharing Family Love

 It’s Sad but True!
•  Some parents find it difficult to say I love you to their children
•  Some parents never felt loved by their parents
•  Some parents still long for their parent’s love
•  Some parents just believe their children feel loved
•  Some parents don’t teach their children how to love
Don’t take the power of love for granted. Filling your home with love is the basic foundation for all areas. It makes it easier to communicate, discipline and to build supportive lifelong relationships.
For myself, I turned my daughter in to a hug monster. You know the saying, be careful what you ask for (LOL). We often share group hugs and greet each other in the morning and evening with a kiss and a hug at the end of the work and school day. Sharing emoji’s and short text messages is also a great way for us to share our love as a family.

So be prepared to show, receive and share your love. Here’s a few other tips to add to your family traditions:

· Learn your child’s love language. What do they need to feel and show love?  
· Create a safe and supportive environment so your children will be comfortable with showing and sharing love.
· Find ways to spend time together regularly. Enjoy time spending time together in the same room.
· Laugh a lot! It’s easier to build loving relationships when you have fun together. Watch funny movies, share family stories and play games together.
Love is one of the most powerful words in the dictionary. No one can truly grasp or explain love to its truest and deepest meaning. The benefits of showing and sharing love in a family could positively impact the foundation for generations. Share with us how you plan to create a supportive and loving home?

Parenting Physical Therapy 2020: Religious and Racial Discrimination

As parents how do we prepare our children for their tomorrow? Are you prepared to discuss the challenges and celebrate our differences? The next generation is depending on us.
As a parent with a child in a predominately white school, yes there were concerns. The sad but ugly truth is there would also be concerns if my child was in a predominately black school. As parents it’s up to us to expose our children to the beauty of diversity and religious freedom. There are gifts within our own circles as well as in other circles.

Parenting PT (Physical Therapy) 2020 Tips: Religious & Racial discrimination.

  • As parents how do we prepare our children for their tomorrow? Are you prepared to discuss the challenges and celebrate our differences? The next generation is depending on us.

  • As parents it is up to us to eradicate religious & racial discrimination. We must face your own insecurities and prevent ourselves from focusing on stereotypes.
  • Parents can reduce hate in the world. Our children are watching and listening to how we are interacting and communicating with others. We have the power to influence the next generation.

  • Hate and discrimination is a learned behavior. Regardless of our salary, race or religion as parents we all have the same desire for our children to be successful and to feel loved. Be open and receptive. Let’s learn from each other.
  • One of the basic foundations for happiness is love. The love of God, yourself and others. Let’s teach our children to receive and give love regardless of their race or religion.  

What are some of your fears and biases regarding race and religion? How can we help each other and our children to be more accepting and appreciative of people that don’t look, talk, or live the same way you do?

Parenting Physical Therapy

Grab a pencil, a computer or something to take notes, visualize your goals, share your next steps with a friend. This is a physical and mental parenting workout. It’s Parenting PT (Physical Therapy) Time!

PT Topic: My 2020 Parenting Plan

We set goals for work, finances and our relationships. Let’s set specific goals for our roles as parents. There’s no one size fits all for any family but we must be realistic with the reality of our homes before we can set realistic and meaningful goals.
Alright Let’s get started!!!
So, what’s my goal? As a Principal in a federal prison with about a two-hour commute sometimes I’m drained after work, mentally and physically. If I can’t have an outburst or don’t listen to my staff or supervisors, I’m’ not allowed to do it at home either. So, my 2020 Parenting Plan is to begin with increasing supportive communication with my husband and children.

PT (Physical Therapy) Communication Exercises/Tips:

  •  Create a safe space in the home for everyone to share their feeling respectfully.

  • Allow everyone to share how they feel regarding the communication in the house (do they feel like they are being heard, are all voices equal) Yes, mom and dad its important to hear what they are processing and how they are processing it. Even when it sounds crazy and oppositional to your traditional beliefs.
  •  Identify communication concerns, talk about it and come to an agreement.
  • Play games and send loving and funny text messages and emails.
Share your family goals with us. What will your Parenting Plan focus on? How’s the communication in your home? What could you do to improve the communication with your spouse, significant other and children?



Family Budget Plan

Parenting 101: Let's Define Parenting

The success of each family is measured by the parent’s commitment to excellence and victory. With all of our commitments in life, we must be prepared for our role as parents.

What is the most challenging commitment for you? Why?

  • Open communication
  • Creating a loving environment
  • Utilizing positive discipline strategies
  • Building financial security

Financial Literacy for the Family: Are You Preparing Your Children?


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