Having Fun As A Family Campaign

Our campaign is based on explaining the benefits and importance of family fun. We will address different research studies on the advantages of family fun, the importance of having a designated family fun night with your family at least once a week. We will also discuss why these family fun nights are beneficial and how to start a family fun night in your specific home.

Deyali: Family fun is important because it’s nice to spend time with my family and enjoy doing the little things with them. When I spend time with my family, my emotional well-being increases, and I find myself smiling more. Spending time with my family and working through our problems together will always be a priority in my life. Some of the activities that I enjoy doing with my family are:

  • Psychical activities (Going for a walk, playing sports),
  • Going out to eat,
  • Watching movies,
  • Playing board games
  • Going food shopping.  

Samantha: Some of my fondest memories of my family have occurred during different family fun nights throughout the years. Having the opportunity even just once a week to sit down and have nothing but fun with my family for a few hours meant everything to me. It never had to be something extravagant or expensive. Sometimes I would bake with my mom in the kitchen; other nights would be movie marathons and popcorn. We had board game nights, family karaoke nights, and even “camping” nights, making pillow forts in the living room and sleeping together as a family. 

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A study conducted by Hasbro games found a few statistics that show the benefits of having fun with family through board games:

  • 91% of those polled said playing games gives their family’s mood a positive boost
  • 96% of families who play games together say that they feel closer

Are there benefits to hanging out with family?

Yes!! Hanging out with family has numerous benefits for children! Having healthy communication and fun with family can boost children's mental health and self-esteem. It has been found that children who spend more time with their family and parents do better in school, so there is an academic bonus to family time. The time spent with family also boosts communication within the family and strengthens the bond between parents and their children.

So what is the benefit of having a family fun night?

In today's society, we can sometimes forget to acknowledge and cherish what we have right in front of us. Families may live in the same house but don't have much interaction. Through the use of family fun nights, you can increase communication and trust within the family and bond with your family members. Through these activities, you can also explore your children's interests and help them hone skills they may want to pursue, such as baking, arts and crafts, or sports. You also can help teach your children cooperation and teamwork through the different activities you as a family will do together. 

How can you start a family fun night?

It's never too late to start having a family fun night!! No matter how old or varied in ages, your children might be, they will benefit from the addition. 

  • First and foremost would be to set a date and time that you will shoot for having a family fun night. It doesn't have to be weekly but make it at a time that will have the most family engagement. 
  • Have the family each pick out activities they want to do, keep in mind the ages of those participating. If your family has large age gaps, make sure the activity is something that everyone will enjoy and do.
  • Make sure that everyone is tuned into the activity!! Unplug and have fun with the family; these will be memories to cherish for years to come!

Family Fun Activities: 

  1. Making a cardboard house 
  2. Blowing bubbles
  3. Scavenger Hunts
  4. Yoga & Meditation
  5. Play hide & seek
  6. Playing Board games
  7. Baking sweets
  8. Doing a puzzle
  9. Cooking family recipes
  10. Playing charades
  11. Going for a walk around the neighborhood
  12. Playing catch or kicking a ball back and forth
  13. Arts and crafts
  14. Singing and dancing together
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