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Moms & Dads,

One thing that will never change is your parenting title. Regardless of your child’s age you will always be their parent. The kind of relationship, love and mentorship you share is up to you. As parents you never stop leading and loving unless you choose to. I will always be my mom and dads’ baby, even at 45 years old and I love it. Wouldn’t you love to have a life long relationship with your child?

Could parents benefit from parenting education? We have accountants, counselors, business mentors and seek support for other areas of our life. There are requirements to obtain a license, graduate school and to get a job; but when it comes to parenting there are no requirements. It’s okay for us to learn about parenting. We seek advice for jobs, love and money.  Moms and dads would ask how to operate a car before they ask how to find a better way to enjoy homework time.

With a title and a responsibility, you will have forever, why would solely rely on family traditions and trial and error when raising your children? Creating a parenting support network, participating in a parenting class and actively taking on your role as a parent will increase opportunities to create happier, healthier, & financially thriving families.

Investing in your role as a parent will:

  • Empower parents to be more confident when making decisions
  • Provide support and feedback from professionals and peers
  • Increase your child’s opportunities to have positive educational, emotional, psychological and social experiences
  • Create more structured, supportive and loving home environments
  • Encourages continuous learning and involvement from all family members
  • Parenting education builds character, confidence and changes communities. 

There is not one strategy or method that’s best for your family. Each child and family have its own unique traditions, values, routines, and individual needs. Parenting is a journey that we learn from daily. Enjoy your parenting journey!

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