Parenting Physical Therapy

Grab a pencil, a computer or something to take notes, visualize your goals, share your next steps with a friend. This is a physical and mental parenting workout. It’s Parenting PT (Physical Therapy) Time!

PT Topic: My 2020 Parenting Plan

We set goals for work, finances and our relationships. Let’s set specific goals for our roles as parents. There’s no one size fits all for any family but we must be realistic with the reality of our homes before we can set realistic and meaningful goals.
Alright Let’s get started!!!
So, what’s my goal? As a Principal in a federal prison with about a two-hour commute sometimes I’m drained after work, mentally and physically. If I can’t have an outburst or don’t listen to my staff or supervisors, I’m’ not allowed to do it at home either. So, my 2020 Parenting Plan is to begin with increasing supportive communication with my husband and children.

PT (Physical Therapy) Communication Exercises/Tips:

  •  Create a safe space in the home for everyone to share their feeling respectfully.

  • Allow everyone to share how they feel regarding the communication in the house (do they feel like they are being heard, are all voices equal) Yes, mom and dad its important to hear what they are processing and how they are processing it. Even when it sounds crazy and oppositional to your traditional beliefs.
  •  Identify communication concerns, talk about it and come to an agreement.
  • Play games and send loving and funny text messages and emails.
Share your family goals with us. What will your Parenting Plan focus on? How’s the communication in your home? What could you do to improve the communication with your spouse, significant other and children?



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