The E’s of Parenting

The E’s of Parenting: Expectations, Examples, Excitement & Elevation!

The word parenting is difficult to define and it means different things to different people. The way you parent is impacted by your family traditions, social experiences, educational level, financial standing, confidence, and many other factors. Being aware of who you are as an individual will help to take the best parts of you to share with your children.
For me, parenting is a learning journey every day. Regardless of my educational level, research experience in the field of parenting, as well as my commitment to my professional role as a Parenting Coordinator I still need to focus on my individual growth as a parent. It’s similar to a psychologist scheduling their own appointments with their psychologist.
No one knows everything. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. We are all doing our best as parents. Create a supportive parenting circle, that helps you to work out your questions or concerns. Just yesterday, I phoned a friend about the best way to handle the pressure of Valentine’s Day in Middle School for girls. OMG, let’s remember if its important to the children, take time to make it a priority. This will set the foundation of the parent-child relationship for the future.


As we enjoy and embrace the challenges of this parenting journey, we can start with the E’s of Parenting: Expectations, Examples, Excitement & Elevation.

·  When you have high expectations, your children have high expectations. Encourage them to stretch beyond their current reality.
·  Share your expectations with your children as a student, friend, and sibling as well in other roles in their life. When children are given clear expectations with support their chances for success and commitment to achieving increases.
·  As parents we are the first example of hard work, love, forgiveness, compassion and everything else. Be mindful the kids are always watching.
·  Excuses comfort incapacity! (#TDJakes). Identify educational opportunities for your children to elevate their grades and social experiences. Join parenting groups, participate in library events, learn and read together.
·  Spending time with your family is priceless. The best things in life are free: hugs, love & laughs Kiss Let's get excited about parenting!
Parenting is active and forever evolving. Share with us how you plan to incorporate the Parenting E’s in your home? 
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