What is PARENTING? Could parents benefit from parenting education?

What is PARENTING? Could parents benefit from parenting education?

It’s okay for us to learn about parenting. We seek advice for jobs, love and money.  Moms and dads would ask how to operate a car before they ask how to find a better way to enjoy homework time.

What’s wrong with seeking parenting advice? How important is it for us to identify the best ways to increase our children’s opportunities for success and happiness. We should not be ashamed of questions. Parenting is a journey that we learn from daily.

Parenting education builds character, confidence and changes communities.  Parenting is the key to better futures!

GMP's Parenting Definition:

It is having the responsibility of modeling and leading a life forever. It is utilizing the appropriate strategies and interactions to enhance the lives of one from infancy to adulthood. It is soaring through ups and downs showing tenacity and courage that will positively affect their lives forever. It is providing basic skills such as communication, showing love, respect and discipline. You are the ultimate role model for social, behavioral, emotional, financial and academic success.


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