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Our CEO and Founder 

Dr. Michelle Gantt is the CEO and founder of Good Morning Parents, a parenting education company. She is also the Supervisor of Education and the Parenting Coordinator in a New York City federal prison. She is dedicated to the field of parenting, education and reentry. She utilizes her international experience as an educator, correctional worker and parenting professional to provide parents and providers with strategies to make positive intergenerational changes. 

As an author and researcher, she is committed to empowering, educating and exciting the world about parenting. Dr. Gantt is currently a board member of the NY State Zero to Three Network and was appointed as a National PTA Committee representative. She received a national award for her continuous commitment to establishing groundbreaking events in the federal prison system to enhance the lives of families’ experiencing parental incarceration. Examples Include:

  • The first mother-child sleep over in a federal prison
  • The establishment of a Family Reunification Committee (A multi-disciplinary team that promotes events to support parent-child relationships)
  • The Ribbon of Success (Address the effects of parental incarceration on student achievement)

Dr. Gantt is a dynamic motivational speaker who inspires and energizes her audience to create happier, healthier, and financially thriving families through the implementation of the 6 Pillars Parenting Model. She is also a co-author of the book, “Raising Scholars from Infancy to Adulthood: Preparing Our Children for College and Demolishing Prison Walls.”

    Our Good Morning Parents Journey!

     America has experienced an increase in drug overdoses, mass shootings, incarceration rates, political wars and racial tension. There are no qualifications or mandatory requirements to become a parent. Parents worry more today about their children’s future now more than ever.

    As parents we can’t solely depend on large systems (schools, government, social services, etc.) to raise our children. It starts at home! It’s up to us make a difference in our homes, communities and in the world. Together we can create happier, healthier and financially thriving families for generations.

    Our resources are a culmination of my personal and experiential knowledge as a parent of 3 and an Elementary School Teacher. My professional and educational experience as a Correctional Officer, Education Supervisor, Parenting Coordinator, and the first Family Reunification Leader in a federal prison has highlighted the need to support the role of parents.

    We have translated research-based findings into fun and informative parenting strategies. Our resources and services are derived from the 6 Pillars of Parenting (Communication, Love, Education, Financial Literacy, Family Fun and Discipline) which transcends through generations.

    We are excited to share our years of success with hospitals, schools, day care centers, community organizations and in correctional facilities.

    Partner with Good Morning Parents (GMP) today to:

    • Create your Parenting Resource Center
    • Reward, encourage and increase parental involvement
    • Empower parents with strategies to make positive generational changes

    Together we can build better communities and futures for our children! Let’s prepare, educate & excite the world about parenting! 

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