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Dr. Michelle Gantt & the Good Morning Parents Team products and workshops create a supportive environment to increase positive parental involvement at home, in schools as well as in the community.

We have translated research based strategies into fun and informative parenting products and services! Our products and services are derived from the:

6 Pillars of Parenting
(Communication, Love, Education, Financial Literacy, Family Fun and Discipline)


Partner with Good Morning Parents (GMP) today to:

  • Create your Parenting Resource Center
  • Reward, encourage and increase parental involvement
  • Empower parents with strategies to make positive generational changes

Hello Partners,

I would like to personally welcome you to partner with Good Morning Parents to create happier, healthier, more financially stable families. Yes, we share the same commitment and dedication to educating and exciting the world about parenting!  We feel honored you chose us to assist you with your needs to promote parenting education.

Our products are a culmination of my personal and experiential knowledge as a parent of 3, the youngest daughter of a family of 10, and an Elementary School Teacher. My professional and educational experience as a Correctional Officer, Education Supervisor, Parenting Coordinator, and the first Family Reunification Leader in a federal prison has highlighted the need to support the role of parents.

We are excited to share our years of success with educational institutions, the National PTA, community organizations and in correctional facilities.


Thanks again for partnering with Good Morning Parents. A representative is available to assist you with your personal needs to yield the best results.

Together we can build better communities and futures for our children!

Let’s prepare, educate & excite the world about parenting!


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